VAT Registration Services

Al Marzaan is providing all types of VAT registration services in UAE such as voluntary VAT registration or mandatory VAT registration.

Since its inception, AL MARZAAN has been a major business consultant, providing accounting and tax services to commercial businesses on a global basis. Our VAT experts will assist your business with VAT registration procedure and structure it in the most cost-effective way by providing best VAT Services.

Types of VAT Registration Services

There are two types of VAT registration services, companies will choose one category before applying for VAT registration and it will be based on their annual turnover. Following are the VAT registration categories:

  • Mandatory VAT Registration
  • Voluntary VAT Registration

There are many factors which businesses should consider before applying for VAT registration processes like whether to apply for mandatory VAT registration or voluntary VAT registration, The other aspect is to apply for single VAT registration or a Tax group.

When to register for VAT?

Every country have different criteria for VAT registration. The VAT registration threshold for mandatory and voluntary VAT registration varies from country to country. 

VAT Registration in UAE

  • As per Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in UAE, companies or individuals having an annual turnover of AED 375,000 or more must apply for VAT registration. (Mandatory VAT registration).
  • Companies or individuals having an annual turnover of more than AED 187,500 but less than AED 375,000 can voluntarily apply for VAT Registration. (Voluntary VAT registration).

How can we help?

Al Marzaan Consultancy, through its experienced and professional VAT Compliance team is providing best VAT registration services in UAE and has the capability to assist you with the following services:

VAT Registration

  • Completion of the registration forms
  • Filing required documents with the tax authorities
  • Monitoring thresholds
  • De-registration when required

VAT return filing

  • Assist in completing VAT returns
  • Local and regionally centralized VAT compliance support
  • Updates on VAT laws and regulations

Additional VAT review and queries support

  • Automated checking and reconciliation exercises of transactions for VAT returns
  • Assist with compliance VAT-related queries
  • Complete compliance lifecycle management support

VAT refund and tax audit

  • Review and support in VAT refund reclaims
  • Provide support during VAT inspections