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Corporate Tax Return Filling

Corporate tax return filing in the UAE is a critical requirement for companies, as per the tax laws set by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Here’s a summary of the key aspects of corporate tax return filing in the UAE: What is Corporate Tax Return Filing in UAE? Corporate tax return filing in the UAE […]

Transfer Pricing – UAE

Transfer Pricing in | UAE | India | CorporateTax

Transfer Pricing in UAE Documentation and Its Importance: Transfer pricing documentation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a crucial aspect of corporate tax compliance. It plays a pivotal role in helping companies determine their tax liabilities when filing corporate tax returns. These documents have a significant impact on the amount of taxable income declared […]

Corporate Tax Impact Assessment Services

Corporate Tax Impact Assessment is a methodical process that examines how corporate tax impacts businesses. It allows for strategic adjustments within a company or group before tax obligations arise. Al Marzaan Consultancy has a skilled team of corporate tax specialists in the UAE, well-equipped to provide corporate tax impact assessment services, ensuring tax compliance. Our […]