C.A. Saiyum Khan


C.A Saiyum Khan is the founder of the Company and is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a member of ICAI. He also holds a degree of Bachelor of Commerce (B Com). Saiyum Khan has over 20+ year’s extensive experience in a diverse range of statutory audits, internal audits, Special purpose audits, tax advisory and business and financial advisory. The company is the dream of Saiyum Khan, who laid the foundation of the company. As the company established itself and gained the trust of its clients, a need for growth was inevitable.

C.A. Majid Shaikh

Auditor & Management Consultant | FCA

CA Majid Shaikh is a Chartered Accountant along with a degree of Master in Commerce (M.com). He has professional experience in taxation, auditing, and indirect taxes more than 10 years. With expertise in GST, service tax, and other areas, he is a reliable and knowledgeable resource. Majid’s strong work ethic, dedication to continuous learning, and adaptability make him an invaluable auditor.

He excels in navigating complex financial landscapes, delivering high-quality services. His deep understanding of finance and compliance, including accounts and company law, enables him to provide comprehensive management consultancy.

Known for his attention to detail, analytical mindset, and ethical standards, Majid builds strong client relationships. His track record and passion for improvement make him a sought-after advisor.

C.A. Shahbaaz Pathan


CA Shahbaaz Pathan is a Consultant in the company. He is a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) and qualified Chartered Accountant from the ICAI. . He started his career with the Infosys Limited leading IT Company in the world where he was part of Analytics team engaged in the profitability Program of the company. During his tenure with the company, he gained vast experience in Financial Analysis, Analytical Skills,Problem Solving and Business Management.

Mr. Shahbaaz brings a sharp mind combined with analytical intelligence, sound conceptual and communications skill and confidence to manage and advise any size of organization and also, he has hands-on extensive experience of in corporate services.

Mr. Zaid Shaikh

Sr. Executive

Mr. Zaid Shaikh is a Sr. Executive of the company. He is a semi-qualified Chartered Accountant and Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM). He has over 5 years extensive experience of corporate services, accounts, finance, costing and management consultancy in various industries, companies and business sectors in Middle East and India.

He expanded on his existing range of services to not only include audit but also encompass other related services such as bookkeeping, company formation, financial and business consultancy, tax consultancy and many other services.

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