Corporate Structuring and Advisory

Companies of all sizes will rely, at some point, on a number of specialist advisory services if they are to achieve the required or desired growth. Our range of advisory services are structured to provide you with the best support available at the time you need it.

To help you navigate the changes and developments in the market or to expand successfully, we maintain a dedicated specialist team with expertise in the incorporation of companies in the UAE, as well as various international business and financial centres.

We engage in all aspects of company formation, starting with the understanding of your requirements and the setting up of an appropriate and efficient corporate structure specific to you. We also undertake all the necessary steps in implementing such structures, including the drafting of all Memorandum and Articles of Association or by-laws of the new company, the submission of all
statutory forms and documents to the respective governmental authorities and/or Notary Publics regarding the incorporation of a new company, the appointments of its officers and Directors, and the distribution of its individual share capital.

We can also assist you with the drafting and execution of all necessary agreements or contracts such as Shareholders’ Agreements, Management Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, and many more. Our advisors are trained to handle all aspects of internal corporate
governance in a multi-jurisdictional environment, offering fast and efficient support.

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